French Colonel (Retired.) expects new positive international relations

French Colonel (Ret.) Alain Corvez reckons a positive shift in international relations if the current US president Donald Trump is re-elected in the forthcoming US elections.

In an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper, Mr. Corvez said that he does not contemplate improvement in Syria and EU relations in general and Syria and France in particular before the American elections.

"You know the whole world is frozen waiting for the new US president because no important decisions will be made by the US before this election .

He expects that Mr. Trump will be re-elected because he is a 'strong man' and at this specific moment in the US the Americans need a strong man to lead them because they have many different views and many turmoils inside US and there is an important risk of civil war in the US.


"I am sure that if Trump is reelected then the deep state together with the democratic party will try anything they can to create turmoil and may be to develop a civil war against the re-elected president, for me that is a very possible opportunity to that," Mr. Corvez clarified.

He went to say: "After the reelection of Mr. Trump the international relations will change completely because this president is a pragmatic person and he knows that superiority of the US is over and that the interest of the US is to adopt the new situation that there are new powers in the world like :China and Russia and others, and then he will decide to withdraw his troops from the ME, especially from Syria and Afghanistan and other countries. He will stop support the wars in Yemen and other countries. He will be an actor for new world with new international relations. That is my deep feeling. "

Regarding the French President Emmanuel Macron's visits to Lebanon, Mr. Corvez asserted that the goal of the visits was to help Lebanese establish a new government.

"The important thing that Mr. Macron made during his visits to Lebanon was his meeting with parties including Hezbollah leader, and he said to Hezbollah if you defend the interest of Lebanon then we will help you but do not defend the interests of Iran. So the answer from these parties of Lebanon to Macron was: Ok we agree, but are you coming here to defend the interests of Lebanon or the interests of the United States ??" the French colonel unveiled.

France must shoot one of Turkish regime's airplanes or ships

As for Turkish regime's policy, Mr. Corvez affirmed that Erdogan is an Ottoman leader and his behavior everywhere, in Syria and Libya and western Mediterranean, is imperialist behaviour.

"Turkey is a member of NATO and Erdogan is always trying to get the best of NATO and the best from the opponents to NATO that is why he always trying to cause tension between Russia and America and he is always balancing  that with the refugees  card that he holds in dealing with the European Union. Erdogan is breaking international laws regarding Libya .. French advisors say that France must be much bolder against the Turkish regime;  may be to shoot one of its airplanes or ships because its behavious is not acceptable.. .You Syrian people know well  how Turkey is behaving in your country," he concluded.          

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour