Moualem: The so-called (Caesar Act) aims at pressuring the Syrian people.. Syria will spare no effort to end the American and Turkish occupation

In Syria’s speech before the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Walid al-Muallem, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, said that the political agendas in the world still take precedence over  the humanitarian agendas. Instead of lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and the people of a number of other countries amid the spread of "Covid 19" pandemic, we witnessed a renewal of these measures and the imposition of more sanctions under flimsy pretexts, including the so-called "Caesar Act" which aims to pressure the Syrian people in their livelihood and daily life.

In the speech broadcast via video on Saturday, Al-Muallem stressed that terrorism still represents a constant threat to stability and prosperity in the world and constitutes one of the most important threats to international peace and security, noting that there are those who invest and support terrorism to achieve their doubtful agendas, mainly the Turkish occupation- one of the main sponsors of terrorists in Syria and the region. He pointed out that the continued illegal presence of the American and Turkish forces on Syrian lands is an occupation, and that Syria will spare no effort to terminate this occupation by means guaranteed by international law.


"The United Nations was established after the Second World War based on a global consensus on preserving international peace and security and developing friendly relations between nations on the basis of respecting the principle of equality and the right of peoples to self-determination and refraining from threatening or using force against territorial integrity or the political independence of any country in any way.... But the question is where are we from in all of that? Do these principles and values actually govern international relations in today's world or have they become mere slogans?” al-Mouallem said.

He added: If we do not want to deceive ourselves, the answer is clear, which is that we are moving away from the principles and values on which the United Nations was based and from international laws and norms, due to the illegal imposition of the agendas of some governments on other countries and using the United Nations as a mere tool to achieve these agendas.

Al-Muallem asserted that all we seek today is a secure and prosperous future without any terrorism, occupation or human sanctions- a future based on international law, dialogue and understanding among the nations. This is what we seek from the UN especially in light of the spread of the "Covid 19" pandemic, which poses a global humanitarian, economic and social challenge that does not distinguish between one country and another and imposes exceptional circumstances. What is required today is to face this pandemic together through joint multilateral action.

"It is obvious that the goal of the "Caesar Act" in its essence is to exert pressure on the Syrian people in their livelihood and their daily life in an inhumane scene that reminds us of the brutality akin to that when George Floyd was strangled and through which Israel strangles the Palestinian People,” al-Moallem said.

"Terrorism is still a constant threat to the stability and prosperity of the world, and there are those who support and invest in it to achieve their suspicious agendas”, al-Moallem said. “While we stress that the unilateral coercive measures contradict the international law in a clear and frank way, we call on all countries affected by those measures to form a unified front to face that phenomena and ease their impacts on our people".

Al-Mouallem comfirmed that the Turkish regime is at the top of those who invest in terrorism as it is one of the terror-sponsors in Syria and the region.

"The US and Turkish forces’ illegitimate presence on Syrian territories is an occupation and Syria will not spare any effort to end this occupation with all possible means guaranteed by the international law,” al-Moallem said.

"The Turkish regime has facilitated the entry of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists into Syria and still provides all forms of support to Jabhat al-Nusra and the other terrorist organizations. It practices the policy of Turkification and coercive displacement, in addition to collective punishment policy pursued against two million civilians in Hasaka and the surrounding towns through cutting off water deliberately. In international law, this is considered a crime of war” al-Moallem added.

Al-Muallem referred to the Turkish regime’s non commitment to the outcomes of the Astana meetings and the Sochi understandings regarding the Idlib region. It transferred terrorists and mercenaries, whom some call the "moderate opposition" from Syria to Libya. It targets Iraq's sovereignty and trades in the suffering of refugees to blackmail European countries. The Turkish regime attempts to rob the energy resources of the Mediterranean. The current Turkish regime has become a rogue regime violating international legitimacy, underlining the urgency to put an end to its policies and actions that pose a threat to security and stability in the region as a whole.

In this context, we renew our condemnation of all the crimes committed by the alleged international coalition since its illegal and unlawful intervention in Syria against the Syrian citizens in the Syrian al-Jazeera, including the theft of oil and wealth and preventing farmers from marketing wheat to the centers of the Syrian state in addition to attacking the Syrian Arab Army checkpoints and villages and the destruction of homes and infrastructures.

"We condemn the so-called separatist QASD militia that conspires against Syria’s unity and its people and plunders its resources,” al-Moallem added.

"The Syrian government has never failed to engage in the political track”, Al-Muallem affirmed, “We have openly participated in the Geneva talks, Moscow consultations and Astana meetings as we have dealt in a positive way with the outcomes of the Syrian National Dialogue conference in Sochi represented by forming the Committee of Discussing the Constitution. We engaged in serious and constructive dialogue with the United Nations special envoy to Syria. We stress that success of work of the committee will not be achieved except by guaranteeing non-interference in its affairs”.

Al-Muallem pointed out that “Israel” continues its systematic and gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the occupied Syrian Golan since 1967, including settlement, racial discrimination, arbitrary detention, torture and theft of the Golan’s natural resources plus providing support to terrorists and the repeated aggression against Syrian territories during the last years. It is noteworthy that all these violations are taking place in complete silence of the so-called international community. Moreover, there are those who support “Israel”, which again shows the size of the hypocrisy and political employment practiced by these countries with regard to human rights.

“All illegal Israeli measures and American decisions will not change the fact that the Golan was, is, and will remain Syrian land, which we are fighting for its full restoration until the June 4, 1967 borders. This matter cannot be subject to bargaining or extortion. All Israeli illegitimate measures and the US decisions are null and void and have no legal impact according to international law and UN relevant resolutions, particularly resolution No.497 for 1981.”, al-Mouallem said.

Al-Muallem added that Syria affirms its principled and steadfast position in support of the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of June 4, 1967, while ensuring the right of refugees to return to their homeland in accordance with international law and relevant United Nations resolutions. Syria condemns war crimes against humanity and we shoulder the states that support "Israel" responsibility for the consequences of the continuation of these crimes, voicing the rejection of any decisions, procedures or deals that do not comply with the relevant United Nations resolutions and do not preserve the established Palestinian rights.

At the end of his speech, Al-Muallem said: My country reaffirms its support for the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in facing the US policy aimed at undermining the nuclear agreement and destabilizing the region, and affirms that this policy shows the extent of the US administration’s disregard for international law and its failure to respect its obligations under international agreements.

Syria also condemns the unjust economic embargo imposed on Cuba and Venezuela and stresses the need to respect their sovereign rights and not to interfere in their internal affairs in any way.

Inas Abdulkareem