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SDF militias take over most schools in Hasaka, causing overcrowding in classrooms and suffering

The US-backed SDF militias seized most of the governorate of Hassakeh’s schools, which limited the ability of the remaining public schools to teach the increasing numbers of students and led to overcrowding in the classrooms.

A week after the start of the new school year, local sources said that the schools’  classroom filled with more than 70 students, so some of the students had to stand because there was no place for them to sit-this happened  at a time when the world is seeking to achieve spatial distancing to prevent the Corona epidemic.


Ahmed, a student in the first grade  travels 4 km a day to reach his school. Ahmed has to go on foot because the SDF checkpoints prevent the vehicles from transporting students and imposes heavy fines on them.

“ We study in places far from the neighborhood and the classes are overcrowded, and we often do not find a place to sit in the classroom,” said 11-year-old Ahmed.

Omar’s situation is similar to the situation of thousands of children who are looking for a school, a school seat, games and an opportunity that parents have drawn in their imaginations, but the SDF’s practices and violations eliminate childhood dreams and make education in the governorate of Hassakeh a path fraught with daily dangers and difficulties and turn it into a daily journey of torment.

With the aim of stopping the educational process in the governorate and imposing its separatist agendas in implementation of the US occupation policy in support of it, the “Qasd” militia, by force of arms,

According to the statistics of the Directorate of Education in the Governorate of Hassakeh, the SDF militias took over 2,285 schools for all educational levels in the governorate.

The Directorate of Education only run 179 schools for all educational levels, thus depriving about 100,000 students from education in violation of education rights guaranteed by international laws.

Teacher Nagham said: “We know and are fully aware that the SDF militia brought the schools of Hasaka to this catastrophic situation. It tried to implement its agenda by force of arms and failed. The SDF militia will end sooner or later.”

Al-Hasakah Governorate’s officials had discussed with the Directorate of Education’s officials plans to accommodate all students in schools by finding new headquarters and buildings and equipping them as soon as possible to supplement existing schools in addition to granting temporary licenses to open new private schools or expand existing ones.

The students ’families considered the practices of the SDF militia are a crime against thousands of children and youth and a threat to their future. They called for international and international intervention to stop these practices and open schools to children, accusing the United Nations’ agencies of negligence and not interfering with what theDSF militia committed against the people in the region and harassing them. .

With the aim of alleviating the effects and practices of the SDF militia towards the closure of schools, the Director of Education, Ilham Sorkhan, said that a number of measures have been taken, the most important of which is setting up a second shift in public and private schools, increasing classroom capacity, converting some government buildings into educational complexes and expanding the establishment of prefabricated classrooms

Sorkhan said that the owners of private institutes are granted temporary licenses to teach students with the Syrian governmental curriculum in addition to supporting home schools in which about 6 thousand students.


O. al-Mohammad