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13 new schools opened in liberated areas in Syria's Idlib countryside

IDLIB, (ST)_As the new academic year has started in Syria, thirteen new schools  have  reopened after being rehabilitated in the areas liberated by Syrian army in Idleb countryside to contain all pupils in the region.
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the new schools are located in Khan Shekhoun, Maarret al-No'aman and Saraqeb areas and the total number of schools in the liberated areas in Idlib has reached 63.
5000 pupils will study in 63 schools in the above mentioned areas, while 64 pupils will study in a new school opened in al-Teh  town where civil activists distributed bags among the pupils.
Al-Teh town was liberated by the Syrian Army from terrorist groups in December 2019.
Head of the Education Directorate in Idlib Abdul Hamid al-Me'amar said that 167 teachers were appointed in the schools and there are other teachers, who daily move from Hama to Idlib's schools.
Books, soaps and sterilizers were freely distributed among the pupils in the schools.
Basma Qaddour