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"The White Tiger"… A translated Indian novel, new publication by the Book Authority

The history of human civilization began with writing that has reached us through the ages . The novel  was a form of writing that, in turn, enabled us to see an image  of ancient and modern societies and to transfer us through  time, so that we live with people in those times,  learn from them and about them,  how they were and how they built the civilizations that we are experiencing now.

The novel, " White Tiger" by Indian author Aravind Adega depicts the contemporary reality of India, that vast country with over a billion multi-cultural population who live within a great natural geographic and demographic diversity.

The White Tiger, is the nickname of the protagonist who grew up in a very poor family, but his irresistible desire to collect money and   power led him to pursue all legal and illegal ways to achieve this goal, depending on his mastery of contracting and its secrets , as it is stated in the novel that the Indians are good at contracting, while the Chinese are more adept at the field of technology.

In the novel,  the White Tiger will send a message to the Chinese Prime Minister who will visit India after he expressed his admiration for the Indian experience in the free capitaliRead Morest economy and the role of Indian businessmen. Through his message, he  tells the Chinese official about his starting from the bottom to the top and describes his country and its people, their economic lifestyles, how businesses are created and developed, and how the path to wealth and power is.

This novel is filled with human dimensions as well as the delicacy of style and the sweetness of meanings. Hossam El-Din Khaddour translated this novel, which was issued by the Syrian General Book Authority, taking into account the satirical method of depicting real life, which is extremely contradictory.

The novel is 383 pages . It is mentioned that the novelist Adega, born in Madras in India, immigrated from his country traveling to several countries. He worked as a reporter for a number of newspapers. His novel "White Tiger" won the Booker Prize in 2008, while the translator Khaddour has a number of translated works, including "The Mystery of Capital and the Prize", in addition to a number of creative works, including the novels "The Epidemic of Sultan" and "Return from Eternity."

Amal Farhat