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Al-Mikdad: Syria backs China's decision to consolidate national security on Chinese land including Hong Kong

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad has stressed that Syria backs China's decision regarding Hong Kong's national security legislation and rejects any form of foreign interference in China's affairs.

In a statement to the Chinese media outlets accredited in Damascus, al-Mikdad said that Hong Kong is part and parcel of China" and that Syria strongly supports the decisions made by Chinese lawmakers to consolidate national security on Chinese land including Hong Kong.

"We recognize the One China Principle and we fully support the efforts of the Chinese government to protect the interests and security of the Chinese people and of China as a country. We believe China is always a defender of world peace and security. It has played a very important and decisive role in keeping global peace and security. The right of the Chinese people and the Chinese government to keep the security of China, should be respected by all countries," al-Mikdad made it clear.

 Regarding the US interventionist policy towards China, al-Mikdad said that "China is a prosperous leading country both economically and politically. The US and its allies are trying to undermine this Chinese role through destabilizing the situation in countries like China and Syria."

He pointed out that the Chinese government has acted in a very clever way and taken appropriate measures not to allow any foreign interference in China's internal affairs.

"I think the US should pay attention to its own problems rather than attacking other independent countries and provoking troubles in other places around the world," he clarified.

Hamda Mustafa