Erdogan's mercenaries continue to destroy the Syrian infrastructure

Turkish–backed terrorist groups have been committing crimes against the Syrian people for years, killing innocent people, destroying and vandalizing Syrian infrastructure and looting factories in implementation of the Ottoman schemes and aspirations of the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A few days ago, the terrorists of the Turkistan Islamic Party destroyed the tower of Zeizoun thermal power plant in Idleb as part of the mission assigned to them by Erdogan's regime. 

Zeizoun power plant was put into service in 1998. It has been exposed to acts of looting and vandalism by Erdogan's mercenaries over the past years. Looting has been done under the supervision of Turkish technicians and it involved electronic equipment used in generating electricity, the huge electrical equipments and the operation engines which were transferred by trucks to Turkey.

 Zeizoun Thermal Power Plant is located near Jisr al-Shugur city of Idleb. It is one of the major power generating stations that supplies wide areas in Syria with electric power. It consists of three gas generating sets with a capacity of 128 MW and they work by liquid fuel and gas. 

The attacks of the Turkish occupation forces and the Turkish-backed terrorist organizations have also targeted irrigation networks in Syria.  Terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and the Turkistan Islamic Party stole the metal pipes from farmers' lands in al-Ghab area near Idleb countryside and smuggled them to Turkey where they were sold.

Drinking water networks have also been the target of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries who repeatedly cut water supplies to hundreds of thousands of citizens in Hasaka city and the residential neighborhoods in Hasaka western countryside.

These criminal acts by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries in Zeizoun and Hasaka are in tune with the crimes that were committed by Turkish-backed terrorists in Aleppo before it was liberated. Those terrorists dismantled and stole thousands of factories, workshops, power tanks and transformers in addition to thousands of machines and vehicles from national institutions. The stolen equipment was smuggled to Turkey and sold there at low prices or in exchange for weapons to fight the Syrian government.

Hamda Mustafa