European countries didn't permit Syrian planes to land in European airports to bring stranded Syrians back to their country

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan has affirmed that in implementation of the government's decisions to facilitate the return of Syrian citizens stranded abroad as a result of the anti-Coronavirus measures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working hard to coordinate and facilitate the return of citizens who wish to return via several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines.

In a statement to SANA, Soussan said that several flights on board of the Syrian Airlines were organized to different countries where many Syrians live.

Two planes carrying Syrian citizens stranded abroad because of anti-coronavirus measures, arrived in Damascus today coming from Sudan and Oman.

According to Soussan,  a Syrian Airlines flight with stranded Syrians on board is expected to arrive in Damascus coming from Russia and two other plans are expected to arrive in Damascus on Tuesday coming from the United Arab Emirates. In addition, several other flights are to be organized within the coming days to help the Syrians stranded abroad, mainly in Baghdad, Erbil and Kuwait, return home.

 Concerning the Syrians stranded in Europe, Soussan said that because of the unilateral coercive illegal economic measures imposed on Syria, the European countries didn't permit Syrian planes to land in their airports to bring the Syrians stuck there back to their country. He pointed out that because of these measures, the European Union also refuses to provide medicine and medical equipment necessary for Syria to confront coronavirus.

Soussan pointed out that the returning citizens will be taken to quarantine centers to make sure that they are not infected with coronavirus.

He stressed that despite the inhuman coercive measures, the Syrian state is able to afford all quarantine expenses, including food, health and hotel services.

The Syrian diplomat made it clear that maintaining the imposition of the coercive economic measures on Syria amid coronavirus epidemic is a crime against humanity because they target the livelihood of the Syrians.

He indicated that the West, which claims protecting human rights, is giving deaf ears to all calls for lifting the unfair sanctions imposed on Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Russia.

Hamda Mustafa