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“Masters of Victory” A Poster by the Artist Al-Maghrebi Marking Martyrs’ Day

Syria observes Martyrs’ Day on the 6th of May annually to salute the martyred soldiers who sacrificed  their lives defending the sovereignty  and independence of their country.

Commemorating this glorious occasion , the plastic artist Faten El Maghrebi   has  designed a poster  in honor of the martyrs who sacrificed  their lives for the sake of the dignity of the homeland.

The poster entitled "Masters of Victory" contains a model for the martyrs’  monument  consisting of a visible part showcasing  a dome  which  symbolizes  the sky with all its meanings of highness and elevation and the helmet of the fighter.  The invisible  part  of the model martyr’s monument  includes two layers of arches which the artist  al-Maghrebi  derived from the Arab Islamic arches and pictures of four Soldiers  who symbolize the valiant Syrian army. The right corner of the poster comprises  a picture of a soldier holding  the homeland’s flag .

The artist al-Maghrebi underlined that she embodied the martyr through the image of an angel with wings rising to the sky  above the monument  to draw through his  sacrifices   the homeland’s borders. 

Al-Mughrabi told  SANA  that  the  poster expresses high appreciation and  great  gratitude  for  the martyrs who watered with their blood the Syrian  sacred soil, stressing that the idea of the poster was inspired by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier .

The poster was designed, according to the artist,  through the graphic design programs ,Photoshop and Illustrator in a graphic design style..

It is noteworthy  to mention  that  the artist  al-Maghrebi is  a professor at  the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia at the second Faculty of Fine Arts in  Damascus university  in Sweida .

Rawaa Ghanam