Residents in Qameshli countryside intercept US occupation military vehicles trying to enter their villages and force them to leave

HASAKA, (ST)- Residents in the villages of Qameshli countryside blocked a US military convoy and forced it to return from where it came while the warplanes of the illegal US-led coalition were flying  over the area.

The locals' move affirms their rejection of the presence of the US occupation forces in Syrian territories.

According to local sources, citizens in Qameshli countryside on Saturday intercepted four armored vehicles, that belong to the US occupation, coming from the direction of Abu Qasayeb village in Tal Hamis area of Qameshli countryside and forced them to return.

 The source pointed out that the locals always monitor the movement of the US occupation's vehicles at the entrances of their villages and along the main roads with the purpose of preventing these vehicles from entering their villages.

  Two days ago, residents of the towns of Abu Qasayeb and al-Rahbet al-Sodeh in Tal Hamis area stopped a US military convoy of 5 armored vehicles trying to enter the towns and forced them to leave and return from where they came.

Hamda Mustafa