Syrian army soldiers and residents block 5 armored vehicles affiliated to US occupation forces in north Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_ A convoy affiliated to the US occupation forces has been forced to retreat from two towns in north Syria after the Syrian army soldiers and the towns' residents blocked their way. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), Syrian soldiers and the residents of Abo Qsayeb and Rahbet al-Soda towns  in Tak Hmis area in Qameshli countryside stopped the US convoy, composed of 5 armored vehicles, as it was trying to make its way into the towns and forced it to go back. 
On April 7, Syrian soldiers and the residents of Hamo and Khrbrt al-As'ad blocked 2 US convoys and several cars affiliated to the "Syrian Democratic Forces" groups as they were trying to pass through the two towns .
Basma Qaddour