Despite the blockade ... a Syrian company is making approved medicine for Corona and offering it at low prices

Western sanctions and the economic blockade did not prevent the Syrian medical companies from accelerating the adoption of the manufacture of the drug (hydroxyl chlorine), which is currently approved within the hospitalization protocols of the "Corona" virus.

The company (Mega Pharma), which is one of 96 pharmaceutical factories operating in the Syrian market, started to produce large quantities of medicines (hydroxyl chlorine).

The company sources told Sputnik that the Western embargo and sanctions against Syria prevented Syrian companies from obtaining effective substances in the manufacture of the medicine (hydroxyl chlorine), but that the company was able to hire the substances in 2019 from the People's Republic of China to be used in the production of therapeutic drugs for several diseases. Today it is turning into a world-class certified treatment to relieve symptoms of Corona.

On the manufacturing processes, Dr. Ali Kahila, from the scientific team in (Mega Pharma), told a reporter "Sputnik": "We obtained the raw materials in the past year as a result of the need of the Syrian market for this substance, which is used to treat a group of diseases, and it was then only available on the black market, however, as a result of the spread of the Corona pandemic and the adoption of this drug within the proven protocol in dealing with the epidemic, it has been produced in large quantities locally to cover the needs of the local market".

Dr. Kahila stressed that the quantities of the essential substance of the drug are widely available in the company and allow the production for the  need for the local market of the medicinal substance, noting that the drug has many other uses, especially for the treatment of some chronic diseases such as( "rheumatism , autoimmune, lupus erythematosus).

Dr. Kahila explained that the components of the drug are scientifically known as (hydroxyl chlorine), which is derived from the leaves of eucalyptus trees and that most countries have resorted to it as a solution available to confront the Corona epidemic.

Dr. Kahila assured the Syrians that the medicine has become available in the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic and that every patient who needs it can get it, confirming the abundance of quantities in the laboratory, and the complete preparation for transferring it to the Ministry of Health and providing hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies with it.

For his part, Raafat Al-Naqri, General Manager of the company (Mega Pharma), told "Sputnik" that the company is ready to meet the needs of the neighboring countries of the drug. Al-Naqri indicated that the local prices for the drug will be significantly low, and up to a third of the price of the imported drugs, according to studies of the Ministry of Health.

96 pharmaceutical companies work in the Syrian market, whose products cover 93% of the local market’s need and export hundreds of items abroad.

In recent years, 19 plants went out of service before recently returning to production.

Last November, the Mina Pharma factory specializing in the manufacture of anti-cancer chemical drugs was opened with local expertise.

Mena Pharma is the first of its kind in Syria and the Arab world, and its production plan includes providing the need of the Syrian pharmaceutical market with neighboring countries for anti-tumor drugs, with a production capacity of 6000 (vials) per hour from the sterile fluid line and 12,000 tablets per hour from the press line. "

The precautionary measures contributed to limiting the spread of the Corona epidemic, so that most of the infections are confined to the capital, Damascus, and are subject to a therapeutic protocol and close medical observation. A number of the injured have recovered in recent days.

Haifaa Mafalani