Archbishop Hanna: Maintaining sanctions imposed on the Syrians is a crime against humanity

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST)- Archbishop of Sebastia for Greek Orthodox in occupied Palestine Atallah Hanna has called for lifting the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people in the light of the spread of the novel coronavirus worldwide, stressing that these measures are a crime against humanity.

"Our message and slogan is "lift the sanctions imposed on Syria amid the spread of coronavirus, because the continued imposition of these sanctions is a crime against humanity and against all values, conventions and morals," archbishop Hanna said in a message of solidarity with Syria from occupied al-Quds city that addressed all People of conscience in the world.

 He added "we are sending a message of solidarity, amity ,fraternity and loyalty to Syria, as leadership, army and people, to say that Syria that has triumphed over its enemies will overcome the deadly pandemic of coronavirus." 

The archbishop urged all advocates of human rights and values of  justice and dignity to voice their solidarity with Syria and act immediately to lift the sanctions imposed on its people.

"It is absolutely unacceptable under the current global pandemic and health crisis that afflicts the entire world and the Arab countries, to keep these sanctions imposed, because the Syrian people are the party which pay the price  of this blockade," he went on to say.

Hanna stressed his unwavering support for Syria in the confrontation of severe pressure, conspiracies and blackmail attempts targeting the country.

He called on all countries, international institutions and human rights organizations to launch a humanitarian initiative aiming at lifting the sanctions from which the Syrian people are suffering.

 He asserted that the parties conspiring on Syria are the same parties which have been conspiring against Palestine and the Arab homeland.

"Our pain is common and our  enemy is common, as we are one family that must be united against the danger of the deadly coronavirus and must join efforts to defend our existence, history, heritage," the archbishop underlined.

Hamda Mustafa