Patriarch Absi's Easter message calls for cooperation among all countries to fight coronavirus

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Patriarch Youssef Absi of Antioch and All East for Melkite Greek Catholics has called on all countries of the world to cooperate in the confrontation of COVID-19 pandemic.

In his Easter letter, Patriarch Absi said that during the global coronavirus crisis, some countries have abstained from assisting other countries which are in bad need for help just because they did not follow their path or obey their orders.

"Some individuals have been monopolizing basic elements of life, as if others had no right to live," his beatitude added.

Patriarch Absi expressed his sadness over holding Easter masses and prayers in the absence worshippers due to the current critical circumstances through which the entire world is passing as a result of coronavirus outbreak.

 He said "it is necessary that congratulations on Easter be via phones or via social media."

"This crisis will end and churches will reopen their doors to welcome worshippers," Patriarch Absi hoped, calling for fixing damaged relations among people and for ending conflicts and disputes.

"Today, we are praying that the coronavirus pandemic will not last for long, the injured will be cured and those who passed away will rest in peace," the patriarch went on to say, calling on God to bless the relentless efforts being exerted by all doctors, nurses, scientists, technicians, institutions and officials to fight the pandemic in Syria and to help the entire world eliminate it.

"We pray for security, stability and prosperity to prevail in our country and for peace and justice to be attained worldwide," the patriarch added.

Hamda Mustafa