Syrian churches celebrate Easter in the absence of worshippers within the country's anti-coronavirus measures

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Celebrations of Christians in Syria during Easter are to be held in the absence of worshippers within the precautionary measures  adopted by the government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Masses will be broadcast on the churches' accounts on social media.

Archbishop of Damascus Diocese for the Armenian Orthodox Armash Nalbandian said that the Armenian Orthodox community in Damascus will celebrate Easter without the presence of worshipers and will broadcast the masses through social media in the presence of clergymen only because of the current extraordinary circumstances in the country aiming to maintain public safety and preventing further spread of coronavirusy.

He affirmed the need to abide by the government's anti-coronavirus measures so as to guarantee the safety for all.

On his part, Father Lian Wihbeh, a priest in Sahnaya Parish residing in the Mariamite Church in Damascus said that the Patriarchate of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox will broadcast the prayer and masses which are to be held in the Mariamite Church and the Balamand Monastery in Lebanon on its official website.

Hamda Mustafa