Despite the outbreaks of one million Coronavirus cases worldwide, Washington is blocking international efforts to combat it

 Despite the wide spread of the Corona epidemic and the mobilization of the whole world to support international efforts to confront this virus, the United States, continues to politicize crises to achieve its ambitions.

The US still insists on imposing coercive economic measures against sovereign states that reject US dictates, despite their awareness of the impact of these dangerous measures in fighting this anti-virus .

After exceeding one million and 200,000 Corona infections and more than 65,000 deaths in the world, according to news agencies, Washington continues to hinder the untiring efforts of various countries to combat it.


According to the US ‘World Socialist’ website few days ago, the US ignored global demands to lift unilateral coercive measures imposed on many countries such as Syria, Iran and Venezuela and opposed, with its allies in the European Union, a Russian draft resolution in the United Nations General Assembly provides for the abandonment of these measures. 

The website said that the United States not only refused to give up its aggressive measures, but also escalated its unlawful unilateral measures imposed against Iran and Venezuela and imposed new coercive measures against them to increase the severity of the crisis these two countries face due to the Corona virus.

The website said that the illegal measures imposed by Washington on Iran were negatively affecting the country  before the emergence of the Coronavirus in the country’s health services because, contrary to what the United States claims, these measures impede purchases of major medicines and medical materials that are used in the manufacture of medicines from global markets.

The Administration of US President Donald Trump has long claimed that humanitarian aid and medical supplies are not included in its coercive measures against Iran, but the falsehood of these allegations has become fully apparent not only after Washington refused to lift its coercive measures that hamper Tehran's efforts to combat the Corona virus only, but on Wednesday, Trump renewed his threats to launch aggressive action against Iran and Venezuela, which also faces unlawful coercive measures.

In evidence of the raging  situation in the American military circles as a result of the failed Trump administration's way of dealing with the Coronavirus, the Foreign Policy magazine published an article on April 4 that revealed that the Pentagon opposed the US president's decision to send warships to the Caribbean Sea under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking, especially after recording HIV infections and Corona aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

O. al-Mohammad