Tal Tamir power station in Hasaka countryside is out of service again as a result of Turkish occupation attack

HASAKA, (ST)- The Turkish occupation and its affiliated mercenaries on Saturday targeted the high voltage lines that feed the electric power station of Tal Tamir in Hasaka countryside, causing the station to be out of service.

According to Director General of Hasaka Electricity Company Anwar Okla, the attack has deprived the locals of Tal Tamir district and its vicinity from electricity, pointing out the company's technical team will spare no effort in fixing the damages as soon as possible and restoring electric service to the citizens in that area.

In a relevant context, the technical  staff of the Hasaka Water Establishment continues working to fix the damage caused to the water pipeline of the Alouk water station feeding Hasaka city after it was targeted by the artillery shelling of the Turkish occupation forces  in Um al-Keif area on Thursday.

 Director of the Hasaka Water Establishment Mohammad Okla  told SANA that the maintenance  team  is working hard to re-pump drinking water to the city of Hasaka and the surrounding areas.

Hamda Mustafa