Russian Ambassador says Syria can contain coronavirus challenge thanks to effective precautionary measures

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Russian Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Efimov has stressed that unlike other countries, Syria can contain coronavirus despite nine years of destructive foreign-backed terror war on the country.

In a statement to “al-Watan Online” Efimov said that the virus hasn’t spread widely in Syria yet as there is only one confirmed coronavirus case thanks to the effective precautionary measures adopted by the Syrian government, a fact that was affirmed by the World Health Organization.

“We believe that Syria, unlike other countries, is able to contain the challenge by itself despite nine years of war. This means that the Syrian health system is working well and the government’s anti-virus measures are being implemented,” the Russian diplomat said.

 He pointed out that Russia has not received any request from Syria for assistance in this domain, reiterating that Moscow will be ready to provide assistance if it is requested by Damascus emanating from the strong relationship and friendship between the two countries.

Hamda Mustafa