Ersan: UN efforts towards Syria are fragile because of economic sanctions and siege

New York (ST): Member of Syria's permanent delegation at the UN Ammar Ersan affirmed the necessity for some governments to commit to the principles of humanitarian work which is based on respecting the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.

 In a special UN General Assembly session devoted to discuss the UN Secretary General's report about the UN work, Ersan stressed that that the UN efforts towards Syria would remain fragile as there are coercive economic measures and a siege imposed on Syrian people.

  Ersan added that some states continue their negative interference  in the political track of Syria, and they are trying through economic pressure and blockade  to undermine the main principle of this process, namely  Syrian sovereignty.

 The Syrian diplomat clarified that the efforts of the UN Secretary General and his special envoy would be fragile because they are accompanied by unilateral coercive economic measures which aim to prevent the flow of investments to Syria and hinder the reconstruction process.

 He went on to say that the Syrian people deserve a different approach from the UN as it considers the sanctions illegal, noting that the  nine years of  terrorist war require more than a fund of food baskets-what is required is the  need to rebuild Syria's economy. Western donors should  lift the economic embargo  imposed on Syria to enable citizens to lead safe and stable lives.

 Ersan reaffirmed the rejection of Syria and several other states of the so-called  Independent and Impartial UN Investigation in Syria, noting that such mechanism is illegal and was adopted beyond the jurisdiction of the UN General Assembly.

Ersan concluded that the UN mechanisms of work were suffering seriously because of the political and financial blackmail practiced by some influential states to the extent of imposing pressure on the UN programs through the issue of funding and the role of donors.