The majority of Czechs consider Turkish aggression on Syria a threat to global security

A poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Center in Czech showed that 59 % of Czech citizens consider the aggression of the Turkish regime on Syrian territories a threat to global and European security, while 39% considered it a direct threat to Czech security.

The poll showed that 56 % of the Czechs evaluate negatively the role of the Turkish regime in the crisis in Syria, while 49 % view passively the role of the United States in this crisis. Also, 37% of the Czechs considered that the European Union is playing a negative role towards the crisis in Syria.


“The United States and the Turkish regime are spreading many lies about their role in Syria”, the widely used Slovakian website Hlavni Zebrafi affirmed,  pointing out that the United States is stealing Syrian oil explicitly under the pretext of guaranteeing its national interests and combating terrorism, while the Turkish regime uses the pretext of ensuring its interests, deliberately disregarding that it is doing so on the territory of another sovereign country.

Inas Abdulkareem