Darayya on the path of recovery

Within the Syrian government's efforts to restore normal life as soon as possible to the Syrian city of Darayya, that was liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism in 2016, maintenance teams in cooperation with the locals there  are working around the clock to move the rubble, clean the streets and rehabilitate the houses, restaurants and shops in preparation   for the return of normal life after years of suffering from terrorism.

Visitors to Darayya, can see the huge amount of work that is being carried out in different service domains.

  Head of Darayya Municipal Council, Marwan Obeid told SANA that rehabilitation works started after the Army restored security and stability to the city. The process of moving the rubble started more than a year ago and it continues as more rubble is produced by the rehabilitation of houses.

Obeid pointed out that the situation of electricity is improving as more electrical substations are going to be built to meet the needs of some 6500 residents.

The sewage, drinking water and communication networks, according to Obeid, are also being maintained to provide services to all the city's neighborhoods.

He pointed out that the situation of transportation in the city will improve as more buses are due to be put into service to facilitate the locals' movement. 

The city's police station and clinic, were rehabilitated, said Obeid, pointing out that 60% of the governmental utilities have become ready.

Some people who returned to Darayya and resumed their life said that the city is like a beehive where everyone is  doing their best to rehabilitate the houses and achieve  better living conditions.

The number of different shops that have opened in the city have reached 208 , including carpentry, blacksmith  work, construction work , restaurants, groceries..etc.

Hamda Mustafa