The General Command of the Army holds a mourning ceremony for martyr General Soleimani

On January 12, the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces held a mourning ceremony for  martyr General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and his fellow fighters on the occasion of the passage of a week since their martyrdom, at the Assad National Library in Damascus.

In her speech during the ceremony, Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor in the Presidency of the Republic praised the march of the martyr Soleimani in combating injustice, aggression and occupation.

She added that Palestine was his passion and the liberation of its people from injustice and slavery.

In the speech of the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces, General Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab Shawwa, Deputy Minister of Defense stressed that the resistance's approach has grown even deeper  roots  by the martyrdom of General Soleimani and will continue against the Zionist enemy and its supporters. 

The Grand Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ahmed Badr Al-Din Hassoun described  martyr General Soleimani as a hero.

He saluted the Syrian Arab Army and all the resistance fighters and friends who supported Syria in its war on terror.

The Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Jawad Turk Abadi praised the heroism of the martyr Soleimani.

He said that Soleimani’s presence in the first lines of the battle is a message of love for the Syrian people and the leadership,

A documentary film about the life of the martyr Soleimani was presented during the ceremony. General Wael Issa from the Army’s Political Department delivered a poem.

In a statement to the media, Major General Hassan Hassan, Director of Political Department in the Syrian Arab Armysaid:

“When we talk about the martyrdom of Qassem Soleimani, we do not talk about an ordinary crime. the United States of America did this crime in the interests of the Zionist entity.”

The memorial ceremony was attended by the Ministers of Defense, Information, Interior, the State Minister for People's Assembly, State Minister for Organizations and FederationsAffairs, a number of members of the Central Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and other Syrian officers and officials.

O. al-Mohammad