(Victory and Freedom) .. A festive event in Qenitra on the occasion of the liberation of the two prisoners, Sidqi al-Muqt and Amal Abu Saleh

On the occasion of the liberation of the Dean of Syrian Prisoners and the Arab fighter Sidqi Suleiman Al-Muqt and the Prisoner Amal Fawzi Abu Saleh, the Quneitra Governorate organized a celebration today entitled "Victory and Freedom" in the Quneitra Contractors Association in the Baath City with an official and large presence.

The participants affirmed that the liberation of the heroic prisoners , the sons of the occupied Majdal Shams is the beginning of the liberatation the entire usurped lands and the return of national sovereignty to every inch of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan.

The attendees congratulated the freed captives who carried the Golan issue deep in  their hearts and defended them, made sacrifices for their sake, and spent harsh years of imprisonment for refusing to give up the identity of the Syrian Arab Golan.


The Governor of Quneitra saluted engineer Hammam Sadiq Debyat in a speech that spoke about  the steadfastness of our people in the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Baqata, Masada and Ain Quniya who refused to submit to the policies of the Israeli occupation authorities and stood against the Zionist procedures and practices against the Golan, land, population and history, and preserved their Syrian identity.

The director of the endowments of Quneitra and Suwayda, Sheikh Najdou Al-Ali, confirmed in a statement to SANA correspondent that the liberated prisoner captive represents the values and national heritage of our people in the occupied Golan and Syria in general .. This struggle is passed on from  grandparents to grandchildren to keep the homeland free and independent.

In a message (by phone)to the participants, the prisoner Al-Muqt expressed his overwhelming happiness with this freedom, stressing that his freedom is a new victory that will be added to the Syrian Arab Army's victory record.

Al-Muqt paid tribute to President Bashar al-Assad, who is leading Syria to victory, and is confronted by the American-Zionist project aimed at fragmenting our Arab region, plundering its wealth and protecting the Israeli occupation entity.

Al-Muqtat stressed that he will complete the path of his struggle and resistive action inside the Golan until liberation and return to a free and independent Syria, paying tribute to the valiant army and armed forces who are making sacrifices in the face of terrorism.

The Chairman of the Committee to Support Syrian and Arab Prisoners in Israeli Occupation Prisons , Ali Yunus praised the heroic stances of our prisoners who oppressed the policies and practices of the occupation and defeated the prison with their firm will,

determination and belief that they are the cause of the defenders of their land and their existence.

Haifaa Mafalani