President al-Assad in an interview with the channel RT-UK TV Channel: in spite of all aggression, most of the Syrian people support their government

Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad stressed that Russia defends its interests in different ways. One aspect of this defense is fighting terrorism in Syria. This is a defense of the Russian people because terrorism and its ideology have no borders and do not recognize political borders.

“No one can die for someone,” President Al-Assad said in an interview with Russia's RT-UK TV Channel. “People can die for a cause. This cause is defending their country, their existence and their future."

President Al-Assad added that the accusations of using chemical weapons were nothing more than allegations and who talks about them should prove this accusation and provide evidence. There are many fabricated allegations to show that the Syrian Arab Army is killing civilians.

President al-Assad said that the Daesh terrorist organization has been partners in the looting  of Syrian oil since 2014 with the head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his group and the Americans through the CIA or other parties.

President Al-Assad added that the Americans are always trying to plunder other countries in different ways, not only in terms of their oil, money or financial resources, but they are stealing their rights.

“ The Israelis are our enemies while they are occupying our land and it is obvious that they are part of anything that could happen against Syria, '' President Al-Assad said.

He added it is our interest to get rid of terrorists in order to protect civilians and not leave the civilians and innocent people under the authority of terrorists to be killed by them.

President Al-Assad said: “ The Turkish people are neighbors and we have a common history and we cannot make them our enemy… The enemy is Erdogan, his policy and his clique.”

President Al-Assad said: “The public sector has an important role which protected the economy in Syria and without it we would not have been able to overcome this war. We still have a public sector and we still support the poor and subsidize bread, fuel and schools.”

President Al-Assad said: “We can build our country gradually and we have enough human resources and certainly China, Russia and Iran will have priority in reconstruction process. Any country that has stood against Syria will not be given the opportunity to be part of the reconstruction process.”

“ We will not help any country in the security field while it works against Syria in all economic, security and political aspects,” President Bashar Al-Assad said.

Inas Abdulkareem