Dr. al-Kuzbari: The government-backed delegation tries to create a common ground based on national principles

Head of the delegation supported by the Syrian government to the Committee for Discussing the Constitution Dr. Ahmad al-Kuzbari said that the work of the committee centred on discussing a constitutional reform that might be done through amending some articles of the current constitution, but at the same time, the delegation was open to drafting a new constitution on condition that it achieves the objectives of the Syrian state, preserves the national principles and wins the approval of the Syrian people. 

In a press conference he held in Geneva, Dr. al-Kuzbari said that the delegation tried to create a common ground based on national principles that all Syrians agreed upon, namely, the sovereignty of Syria, its unity and territorial integrity and combatting terrorism.

He added the government-backed delegation believes that every patriotic Syrian rejects the occupation of any part of his country and foreign domination on the resources of his country. 

He went on to say that it is impossible for a national Syrian not to call for lifting the unilateral economic sanctions being imposed on the Syrian people, remarking that agreement on these basic and essential issues might pave the way for creating a common ground to achieve tangible progress in the work of the Committee Discussing the Constitution.

He clarified that the Syrian government-backed delegation presented a proposal regarding the necessity of the continuity of combatting terrorism and advocating this issue in the new constitution, adding that the other parties presented a number of papers that were not discussed because they weren’t listed on the agenda of the meeting.

Dr. al-Kuzbari concluded that the work of the committee in discussing the constitution is part of the track of the political solution of the crisis, pointing out that the other parties' rejection of the question of terrorism would not prevent the government-backed delegation from presenting this basic issue for the Syrian people who have been suffering from terrorist acts for the past nine years.