Putin stresses Russia should leave Syria if Damascus no longer needs its help

MOSCOW, (ST)- President Vladimir Putin of Russia has affirmed that the territorial integrity of Syria must be fully restored and all foreign forces should withdraw, including Russia if Damascus decides it doesn’t need Moscow’s help anymore, according to RT.

“All the forces deployed illegitimately inside any sovereign state – in this case Syria – must leave,” Putin said in a joint interview with RT Arabic, UAE-based Sky News Arabia, and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya broadcasters.

He also said that Moscow’s stance on political settlement in Syria remains unchanged.

  “Syria must be free from other states’ military presence. And the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic must be completely restored,” he made it clear.

The Russian military arrived in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government unlike the US forces, which have been in Syria illegally since 2016.

Putin's full interview will be posted on RT on Sunday.

Edited by Hamda Mustafa