Occupation Main Beneficiary

Noam Chomsky ,an  American philosopher and researcher , expressed US policy towards Syria in few words:" Make Syrians fight each others for a long time," This is the  real policy  of  the US Administration after the second World War to control the world.

Hence, the ugly face of all parties participated in the crisis in Syria became more obvious through political and military escalation.

With this in mind, Erdogan's  government has strongly contributed in supporting  terrorists logistically and facilitating their entering to Syria  , because the aim of this global conspiracy against Syria  is not only to  topple the Syrian government, but also to destroy and divide Syria.

However, interests have been  interlocked with contradictions in Syria's two-year long crisis, because Israel  is the main beneficiary of weakening the important role of Syria in the region. This was obvious in  Herzliya conference held recently in Israel.

Asking for forming an American-Zionist-European axis which includes countries of the Middle East and Arab region  is but to give  Israel an active role in drawing the future of the region as all.

In other words, the increasing of escalation and bloodshed of Syrians  under the pretext of democracy and the so-called Arab spring, is just to make a new soggy-Zion.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited and translated by: Maysa Wassouf