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Syria Is Now Focusing on the Reconstruction Process and the Return of Displaced Syrians: Ala

GENEVA, (ST)- Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Husam Eddin Ala has warned against the Turkish regime's political maneuvers which exploit the refugee crisis to achieve political and economic gains and justify establishing a so-called "safe zone" inside the Syrian territories.

In a statement during the 70th session of the executive committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ala stressed that the Syrian state is currently focusing on reconstructing what terrorism had destroyed and on facilitating the return of the displaced Syrians to their areas and meeting their basic needs. He pointed out that the Syrian government has made progress in this domain despite the economic blockade imposed on the country.

He called for supporting the Syrian state's efforts to rehabilitate the infrastructure and the service facilities damaged by terrorism and called for lifting the economic sanctions in order to facilitate the return of the refugees.

 Ala affirmed that attempts by some parties to destabilize countries and target their national institutions and legitimate governments are the reason behind several humanitarian crises and forced displacement.

He stressed that tackling the root causes of forced displacement the world has been witnessing over the past years is the best solution to stop the suffering of refugees and create suitable circumstances for their return. He made it clear that the foreign-backed takfiri terrorism, the economic siege and unilateral coercive measures which affect the Syrians' access to medical equipments, heating oil and children milk are the reasons behind the humanitarian suffering in Syria and the displacement of the Syrians.

The Syrian diplomat went on to say that the Syrian government's efforts to restore stability and normal life in many Syrian areas, which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army, have enabled 1.9 million displaced Syrian citizens to voluntarily return to their homeland, including 1.3 million internally displaced and 600 thousand externally displaced.

He pointed out that the Syrian state has also facilitated the return of 30,000 people from the al-Rukban camp near the Syrian-Jordanian borders to their villages and towns.

He stressed that some countries and international parties are creating pretexts and setting conditions to hinder the return of the refugees in order to implement their own agendas.

Hamda Mustafa