Maysaloun: Landmark of Evacuation

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ As it is very common with colonialists, the French and British betrayed the Arabs and plotted against them  during the  First World War between 1914 and 1917 and  the betrayal was crystal clear  in  Sykes-Picot and San Remo  agreements  and later in Balfour Declaration.

The French were in a hurry to occupy Syria after the war,  feeling the  insistence of the Syrians to establish their  modern state. This was manifested in the fact that just months after  getting  rid of the Ottoman colonialism,  preparations started  for the Syrian National Conference  and a foundation conference to draw a  constitution for the country was held on  July 13 , 1920, when the French armies  moved towards  Damascus-through Lebanon led by Gen. Guru  who thought he  will enter Damascus without a fight.
As the  French troops moved  towards Damascus , Syrian defence Minister  Youssef al-Azmeh  made up his mind to go out to Maysaloun and fight  the French army with a few  number of soldiers who were  the nucleus of the recently founded  Arab army besides  hundreds of volunteers who decided to defend national honor and dignity.

The battle Maysaloun in July 24, 1920 was but a  declaration of the beginning  of the battle for independence as with the  occupation of the  first meters of the Syrian territory , the first Syrian  martyr in the battle of evacuation sacrificed himself so that  Maysaloun became  a  vivid example that embodies man 's belongingness to his land  .
The Syrians will always remember last words of martyr Youssef al-Azmeh to  King Faisal after asking him to take care of his daughter Laila .. Sublime honor will be  unharmed just  through sacrificing oneself.


T. Fateh