Amity,Tolerence Best Way to Solve Crisis, Locals Tell Premier

DAMASCUS, (ST) –The Ministerial Committee tasked with following up on materializing  of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria on Sunday  received a number of Wadi Barada locals who are interested in dialogue and lay down their weapons.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, voiced satisfactory over  the  meeting with people who experienced the laying down of  arms and who suffered its repercussions only to come to a conclusion that  amity and tolerance  are the Syrians' sole hope .

" the plans and programs have been set by the government to support agriculture in Damascus countryside, activate tourism and create job opportunities, in addition to restoring security and stability to all Syrian provinces, "underscored al-Halqi.

Wadi Barada locals positively respond to the government's sincere invitation to dialogue through the administrative and judicial procedures the government has made to enhance credibility.

Furthermore, They made it clear  that such a  meeting  has relay tackled appropriate ways   for solving the ongoing crisis  and restoring security  and stability to the homeland.