Syrian Army Doing Its National Duty in Fighting Terrorism in Idleb: Ala

GENEVA, (ST)- The Syrian Arab Army is doing its national duty in fighting terrorism in Idleb and it is determined to eliminate all terrorist hotbeds in the entire Syrian territory and to reestablish the state’s control over all the terrorist-held areas, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Husam Eddin Ala said during the meeting of the Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

According to Ala, reports of the international committee of human rights are full of fallacies and contradictions and they keep distorting facts about the situation on the ground in Syria.

He said that ignoring the humanitarian suffering of the Syrians because of terrorism, coercive economic measures, aggression and occupation hinders conveying a real image about the situation in Syria.

 The committee’s latest report, Ala went on to say, was full of contradictions and accusations that are not based on neutral sources, particularly when it deals with the American raids which have destroyed whole villages and towns in the eastern region of Syria. He pointed out that the report doesn’t only avoid describing the American strikes as integrated war crimes, but it also tries to make excuses for them.

Ala asserted that the talk on stopping the military operation in Ideb de-escalation zone, which is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups, besides ignoring the fact that the terrorists are out of the agreement on this de-escalation zone aim only at preventing Syria from doing its duty in fighting terrorism and at assisting the terrorists who are continuously supplied with arms by the Turkish regime. “Therefore, the Syrian Arab army is doing its national duty in fighting terrorists in this zone and it is determined to eliminate all the terrorist hotbeds in all the Syrian lands, he added”.

He reiterated that “contrary to misleading reports, the Syrian state is the party which is keen to protect the civilian facilities it has built”.

He said that Syria has so far enabled 30 thousand people who were staying in al-Rukban camp to return to their villages and places which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian army, pointing out that more efforts are being exerted to help the civilians remaining in the US and terrorist-held camps leave and return to their areas of residence

Ala clarified that the continuity of the humanitarian crisis and the absence of solutions uncover the involvement of some countries supporting terrorism in the region and outside it.

He pointed out that sending joint US-Turkish patrols to the Syrian al-Jazira region is an act of aggression and a flagrant violation of international law and of the sovereignty of Syria aiming at prolonging the crisis in the country.

He called on human rights mechanisms to act as to lift the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and the European Union on Syria as they violate the basic human rights of the Syrian people. He also called for providing unconditional support for the reconstruction of the areas liberated from terrorism, including in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside.

Hamda Mustafa