Sen. Richard Black to ST: Saudis have lost the US-backed war in Yemen and just don’t know it

Virginia Senator Richard Black has called for ending America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s losing venture in Yemen, stressing that Yemen’s Houthi Tribesmen Deal Crippling Blow to Saudi Oil Production and Prestige.

In a press release sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the senator said: “Saudis tried using cruel bombardment to install a puppet regime in Yemen.  They thought they could muscle the poor Houthi tribesmen, but they were wrong. The dramatic success of their attack on Saudi oil production is a huge victory for the Houthis of Yemen and a huge loss for Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad bin Salman.”

He continued, “The U.S. has backed Saudi Arabia’s losing ventures.  Cut them loose now and end America’s brutal war against the people of Yemen.”

Sen. Black referred to the fact that Saudis suffer massive PR hit on verge of Aramco IPO. 

“Half of Saudi daily oil production knocked out by 10 Houthi drones.  Saudis spread cholera among the Houthis by bombing water purification plants.  They thought Yemen’s Houthi tribesmen would fold under pressure of disease and famine, but they did not,” he added.

The Senator asserted that Saudi Arabian oil production will be at risk from this point forward.  “If they were wise, they would make peace with the Houthis quickly.  They’ve lost the war and just don’t know it.”

He concluded by saying: “Houthis of Yemen are like steel; you bend them but they do not break.”

Basma Qaddour