Photo Essay: Damascus Markets’ Preparations for Adha Eid

On August 8-9, Syria Times’ reporter team made a tour in Damascus' downtown markets of Salhieh Street, Hamra Street and Al-Sha’alan.

Hundreds of Syrian women, men and youngsters were walking and shopping in Salhieh Street, Hamra Street and Al-Sha’alan.

Abu Mohammad, a 55-year-old, Damascene garment shopkeeper from Salheieh Street said to Syria Times:

“ There are hundreds  of window shoppers in the Streets but not many buy. People like to walk around in Damascene markets before Eid days to buy their needs and also to have a good time”.

 "They buy food and soft drinks more than they buy new garments,” Abu Mohammad said with big smile on his face.

Different citizens form other Syrian cities are coming to Damascus’ markets and shops to buy their needs.

After hours of walking and shopping, people buy cold softs drinks, popcorn, chips, or other foods and sit down on Arnous Square's  seats.

After resting in Arnous Sauare, people and buyers complete their tour to  Hamra Street and Sha’alan’s shops.

After the long tour of shopping and buying, people return to their homes with their bags and their tired sleepy children.

Special For Syria Times

Reported and Photos by: Obaida al-Mohammad- Inas Abdulkareem