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Defense Minister Visits al-Habit Town in Idleb Hours after Liberation

IDLEB, (ST)- Minister of Defense, Maj. Gen. Ali Abullah Ayoub on Sunday visited the town of al-Habit in Idleb southern countryside a few hours after it was liberated from terrorism.

The minister met with the fighters who defeated the terrorists and drove them out of al-Habit after inflicting a heavy loss upon them. He then made a tour in the town which the terrorists have turned into a network of tunnels, fortifications and barriers.

 Maj. Gen. Ayoub  congratulated the army personnel on Eid al-Adha and hailed the great efforts exerted by the soldiers and their leaders to eliminate the terrorists in this area.

 On their part, the fighters affirmed their determination to spare no effort to restore security and stability to every inch of the Syrian territory.

Hamda Mustafa