Syrian army units regain control over strategic town in Idleb countryside

According to a report broadcasted by the Syrian Alikhbaria TV Channel, the Syrian army units recaptured today the strategic al-Habit town in the southern side of Idleb after a rapid military operation.
A military leader in the field told the TV correspondent that the army units carried out a rapid military operation from several axes and they confronted snipers, rocket attacks and mines at the entrance of the town, and then they engaged in fighting with terrorists. 
The leader made it clear that the recapture of al-Habit town means to cut off terrorists' supply routes from Kafer Zetta and Latamneh towns towards Idleb. 
The liberated town overlooks Kafer Nabbodah town from the western side. 
The new gain will tighten the grip on terrorist groups in the northern countryside of Hama.
Later on, amilitary source announced that Syrian army units positioned in the northern coutryside of Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib regained control over Tal Skik, Skik town and al-Habit town after fierce fightings with terrorists. .
The army units delivered decisive blows to the armed terrorist groups holed up there.
Basma Qaddour