Protests Renewed in Hasaka Eastern Countryside against US-Backed SDF Militia

HASAKA, (ST)- The people of Hasaka eastern countryside took to the streets on Friday in protest against the crimes and oppressive practices committed against civilians by the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) militia.

Local sources in Tal Brak area in Niss Tel village said that the locals in this area took to the streets calling for putting an end to the violations and aggressive practices of SDF militia, including the kidnapping of civilians.

The sources pointed out that the locals cut the road between Tal Brak and Qamishli city by burning tires and called for the immediate release of the kidnapped.

 Kidnapping crimes committed by the US-backed SDF militia have increased over the past period in the Hasaka countryside areas of tel Nimr, Ras al-Ein, Tel hamis and al-Shaddadi.

Hamda Mustafa