Syria Will Continue to Be the Beating Heart of Arabism: Egyptian Politicians

CAIRO, (ST)-Syria, through its steadfastness, has managed to confront the heinous terrorist aggression that targeted its existence and sought to dominate Egypt and the entire region, "Secretary of the Egyptian Arab Democratic Nasserist Party Mohammad Abu al-Ola said during his meeting on Monday with Head of the Syrian mission in Egypt Bassam Darweesh.

He voiced his solidarity with Syria in its war on terrorism and in confronting the conspiracy hatched against the country, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA.

 On his part, Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, a senior member of the Egyptian Arab Democratic Nasserist Party, said that Syria's territorial integrity is a red line, stressing that Syria's future must only be decided by the Syrian people themselves without foreign interference. He hailed the steadfastness of the Syrian people, leadership and army.

Asem Abdeen, another Nasserite party member, asserted that the victories of the Syrian army have been the real guarantor for defeating terrorism and enemy schemes.

"Syria will continue to be the beating heart of Arabism and the gate leading to victory," Abdeen affirmed.

Head of the Syrian mission, on his part, reiterated that Syria will relentlessly continue the fight against terrorist organizations until terrorism is completely uprooted from the entire Syrian territory.

Hamda Mustafa