Syrian army General Command: Terrorist groups reject to abide by Idleb ceasfire agreement

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syrian army units will resume military operations against terrorist groups and will respond to any terror attack as the Turkish regime continues to permit its terrorist agents positioned in Idleb, to go ahead with their attacks ignoring its commitments in Sochi meetings, according to the statement released today by the General Command of Army and Armed Forces. 
The Syrian government has done its utmost to stick to the conditional ceasefire agreement reached in Idleb. However, the Turkey-backed terrorist groups rejected the implementation of  the agreement reached in the begining of this month in the de-escalation zone and they carried out several attacks against civilians in safe areas. 
The Syrian Army and Armed forces will respond to any terror attack in accordance with its constitutional duties related to protecting Syrian people and to preserving their security.
Basma Qaddour