Forum on Investment Opportunities in Syria Opens in Tehran

TEHRAN, (ST)- A forum on identifying investment and trade opportunities in Syria kicked off on Sunday in the Iranian capital Tehran with the participation of tens of Iranian companies and economic parties.

Syria's Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Rania Ahmad, who leads the Syrian delegation to the forum,  said at the opening of the event that the Syrian government has focused its efforts on supporting economic recovery through ensuring all elements necessary for restoring the production process and through mobilizing all resources that help achieve development.

 "The government continues the work to prepare the development program for post-war Syria, to issue a new investment law and set up a program to activate the private sector," the Syrian official said.

 She stressed the importance of active participation by Iranian companies in the Syrian investment arena and reconstruction process, urging Iranian companies and businessmen to take part in Damascus International Fair and the Rebuild Syria Exhibition.

Iran's full willingness to cooperate with the Syrian side in carrying out joint investment projects in different sectors was affirmed by head of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Mohammad Reza Modoudi.

"Syria is providing the best investment opportunities," Modoudi said, urging the enhancement of trade ties between the two countries.

He pointed out that the Iranian companies will actively participate in Damascus International Fair and in other fairs to be held in Syria, expressing complete readiness to provide all forms of support for the Iranian companies in this respect.

 The Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud said that holding this investment forum in Tehran embodies the will of the Syrian and Iranian governments to boot cooperation and attain joint investments.

Highlighting the investment market in Syria, Median Deyab, Director of the Syrian Investment Agency, said "there are many investment opportunities in Syria, mainly in the fields of infrastructure, manufacturing industries, energy and renewable energy".

He pointed out that the forum sheds light on the Syrian government's policies to encourage investment.

Some Iranian businessmen talked to the Syrian News Arab Agency SANA about their desire to effectively participate in Damascus International Fair in order to display and promote their products.

Hamda Mustafa