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Homs governor discussed cooperation relations with Head of Swiss Humanitarian aid Office

Homs, (ST)- Homs Governor Talal Al-Barazi met with Manuel Walter Bessler, Head of Swiss Humanitarian Aid and the Deputy Director General of the Swiss Humanitarian Office, at the headquarters of the province of Homs

The Governor reviewed the service situation and the state of safety and recovery that the province is experiencing after the liberation of most of its cities and villages from terrorism, stressing the importance of the geographical location that Homs enjoys for the Syrian governorates and neighboring countries. He pointed out to the efforts exerted by the governorate within the framework of the government directives to return the displaced families to their areas after providing the basic services.

Mr. Al-Barazi stressed the readiness of the province to provide the necessary support to the international organizations in their work in delivering humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people.

In his turn, Mr. Bessler explained that his visit to Syria aims at reviewing the work of the office in Syria and evaluating the level of cooperation with the government as well as, to coordinate with the concerned authorities regarding the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people

It is worth mentioning that during the meeting, a panoramic presentation was presented to review the stages of the province recovery from the terrorist groups to the planning studies for the reconstruction phase and its future vision.

Amal Farhat- Homs