Al-Nusra Front terrorists in Idleb receive US-made excavators through Turkish border

IDLEB, (ST)_Local and media sources have unveiled that al-Nusra Front terrorists received through Turkey US-made sophisticated equipment for excavating tunnels.

The sources told Sputnik that 8 excavators were delivered few days ago to al-Nusra Front terrorists through Turkish border.

“Excavation works started under the supervision of the Saudi terrorist Abdullah al-Mhesni in the northern countryside of Hama and in Idleb,” the sources clarified, indicating that the excavators were distributed in several areas such as Khan Sheikhon area in the southern countryside of Idleb and in Kafer Zetta and al-Latamneh and Sahel al-Ghab areas in the northern countryside of Hama to excavate tunnels under the supervision of engineer of different Arab nationalities.

The engineers also entered Syria through Turkish border, and some of them are specialized in building and geology.

Moreover, the sources said that the Takfiri terrorists take by force money from the people of Idleb to give them as wages to the workers in excavation works.

The excavation works are similar to that carried out in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus before liberating it by Syrian army.

Basma Qaddour