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Syrian-Russian Diplomatic Ties Characterized by Firm Strategic Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria and Russia are today commemorating the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties. These ties have witnessed several political eras in which they proved their depth and strength.

The Syrian-Russian diplomatic ties have been characterized by full coordination based on joint clear vision and stance at regional and international levels and they have been based on mutual respect and confidence as well as on joint will to confront hegemony attempts and violations of international laws.

The Soviet Union was the among the first countries to recognize Syria's independence and liberation from the French colonialism.

Russia has deepened its friendship and strategic cooperation with Syria through supporting the country in the face of a foreign-backed terrorist war and in defense of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It offered martyrs on the Syrian land and it has been present at international meetings and diplomatic forums where it decisively defended Syria's rights and stood against pressure attempts.

 Russia also used veto as the Russian barrier in the face of attempts to legitimize foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria. It used veto at the Security Council more than ten times to foil the West's aggressive schemes against Syria.

Moscow has stressed that Syria is defending the future of the entire region and the world by fighting terrorism. This fact pushed Russia to enhance and strengthen its alliance with Syria through immediately responding to the Syrian government's request to help the Syrian Arab Army in its war on terrorism.

Huge coordination and consultation between the two countries were manifested in different aspects, mainly in fighting terrorism and finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, in stressing the fact that the Syrian people are the ones who decide their own future without foreign interference, in blocking some countries attempts to prolong the terrorist war on Syria and in backing the country's process of reconstruction.

Hamda Mustafa