New Batch of Displaced Families Arrives in Jlaighem Corridor coming from al-Rukban Camp

HOMS- A new batch of displaced Syrians arrived in Jlaighem corridor in Homs eastern countryside coming from al-Rukban Camp as the displaced were held against their will for years in the camp due to terrorism and the US occupation forces, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

SANA reporter said that tens of families on Wednesday arrived with their belongings at Jlaighem corridor by buses coming from al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area.

The authorities concerned received the returnees and registered their personal data, while a medical point and teams of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent(SARC) provided them with medicines , food ,and potable water as to be transported later to temporary housing centers in Homs city.

 On July 3rd, tens of displaced families that were residing in al-Rukban Camp returned to their areas of permanent residence after days of hosting them in a temporary housing center in Homs.

More displaced Syrians return home via Nassib border crossing

Meantime,  a new batch of displaced Syrians in refugee camps of Jordan returned via Nassib border crossing. They will be later transported to their areas which have been liberated from terrorism, SANA said.

The bodies concerned have provided all facilitations to ensure the safe return of the displaced through buses to transport them with their belongings.

Head of the Immigration and Passports’ Department at the crossing, Col. Mazen Ghandour told SANA that the number of people who have returned home since the opening of Nassib crossing last October until today has reached 22873 citizens.