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Premier, MPs for Raqqa Province Discuss Efforts to Improve Service Situation in Areas Liberated from Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minster Imad Khamis on Thursday held a meeting with members of the People's Assembly for Raqqa province and discussed with them the need to join efforts of the local community and the government institutions in order to reconstruct the areas liberated from terrorism in the province, improve the service situation and attain the hoped–for development there, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

Discussions between the two sides focused on providing electricity, transport, drinking water , education and health services to the liberated areas.

"Raqqa is a vital reservoir for Syria," the premier said, pointing out that the Syrian state assumes its responsibilities towards restoring services and developing the areas liberated from terrorism in the province.

  He affirmed the importance of integration between government circles and the local community as to benefit from the natural and human resources of the targeted areas and to launch development projects in the fields of agriculture, livestock and employment.

Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Minister of State for the People's Assembly Affairs in addition to one of the MPs for Raqqa were tasked with following up the government's plan in this province.

Hamda Mustafa