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Participants in Arab Parties Conference Ask All Forces That Illegally Entered Syria to Immediately Leave

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Participants in the Arab Parties' General Conference, which concluded its activities in Damascus on Wednesday, called for the immediate withdrawal of all the forces which have entered Syria illegally and without the permission of the Syrian government.

In a statement, the General Secretariat  of the Conference urged supporting the Syrian state's efforts and procedures to preserve its territorial integrity and liberate its territories from terrorism. It condemned the repeated acts of aggression on the Syrian territories and called for respecting the Syrian people's will and supporting a Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from foreign interference.

 The Secretariat, which hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian people and army in their fight against foreign-backed takfiri terrorism, condemned the unjust siege imposed by Washington on Syria, Yemen, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and the Lebanese resistance, pointing out that this siege is a flagrant aggression against these countries and it blatantly violates international conventions.

 It strongly condemned the US President Donald Trump's Declaration on occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that Golan is a Syrian Arab land and that Syria has the right to restore it by all possible means.

Bahrain workshop on "Deal of the Century" condemned  

The Secretariat made it clear that the economic workshop held in Bahrain with dictates from the US administration was meant to be the first step in implementing the so-called "Deal of the Century". It announced its condemnation of the Arab countries' participating in this workshop and hailed the steadfastness of the resistant Palestinian people and their boycott and condemnation of the Bahrain workshop.

It highly appreciated the Bahraini national initiative against normalization with the Zionist enemy, saluting the popular moves made in rejection of Bahrain workshop, and calling on all political and popular forces to intensify their struggle as to foil the so-called "Deal of the Century".

The Secretariat condemned some Arab regimes' bids to normalize ties with Israel, lashing out at the visits made by Zionist officials as well as media, and sport delegations to some Gulf states.

It denounced the US-Saudi-UAE aggression on Yemen and the unfair siege imposed on the Yemeni people, reiterating support for the territorial integrity of Yemen and for the Yemeni people and army's right to resist aggression.

It saluted the Lebanese resistance and denounced all suspicious attempts to designate it as terrorist.

 It affirmed the need to empower the Bahraini people to get their legitimate right to fully participate in political life, calling for the release of more than 5000 Bahraini political prisoners.

The Secretariat called for preserving Sudan's unity, stability, security and sovereignty, urging achieving national accord among all Sudanese political forces. It affirmed the need to join efforts as to reach national accord in Libya that preserves its territorial integrity and sovereignty. It also called for dialogue in Algeria away from foreign interference.

Activities of the meeting of the General Secretariat of Conference of Arab Parties kicked off on Tuesday at the Damascus based al-Sham Hotel under the title “From al-Quds to the Golan…The Land is ours”.

Hamda Mustafa