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Syria Calls for Abiding by Humanitarian Principles, Honesty and Neutrality in Humanitarian Action

GENEVA, (ST)- Solutions for humanitarian crises necessitate tackling the core causes that led to these crises away from selectivity and double standards, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala has stressed.

In a speech during the general debates of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)  on humanitarian affairs, currently held in Geneva, Ala called for a comprehensive approach that deals with the role of occupation and terrorism in creating humanitarian crises and with the role of unilateral coercive economic measures in the deterioration of humanitarian and living conditions and in displacement and immigration.

 Turkey used humanitarian issue in Syria to blackmail Europe, cover up its support for terrorism

The Syrian diplomat went on to say that Turkey's humanitarian solidarity claims are worthless after the Turkish regime has exploited the Syrian humanitarian file and used it for blackmail and for covering up its support for terrorism and its occupation of parts of the Syrian land.

He pointed out that Turkey's so-called open door policy has actually enabled the Turkish regime to trade with the Syrians' humanitarian suffering and to exploit this suffering to blackmail Europe. This Turkish policy also contributed to the entry of the worst kind of Turkish-funded and armed terrorism to the Syrian territories, he said.

Focusing on counterterrorism measures while ignoring practices of terrorism itself is illogical

Ala warned that attempts to focus on counterterrorism measures while ignoring the practices of terrorism itself has nothing to do with logic, stressing that any approach for dealing with crises in some countries should be accompanied with reminding the countries which have been involved in providing financial and military support for terrorism, in targeting legitimate governments and in interfering in countries internal affairs, of their commitments pursuant to international law, UN Charter and Security Council resolutions.

Ala concluded his statement by reiterating the need to enhance, respect and abide by humanitarian principles, honesty and neutrality in humanitarian action. He also affirmed the importance of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country that is  targeted by humanitarian response, urging non-interference in this country's affairs and carrying out the relief work in full coordination with its government as to support its efforts and build its national abilities in responding to emergency humanitarian situations.

Hamda Mustafa