Qatar Supported Terrorism in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia

NOUAKCHOTT, (ST)- Qatar has supported and funded terrorism in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia, Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has stressed.

In a press conference last night, Abdel Aziz said "Qatar has contributed to destruction in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia and to threatening the security of some Western countries through supporting terrorism and spreading extremism and violence."

He ridiculed Qatar's claims about democracy and freedom, saying "Qatar has imprisoned a poet for criticizing the Qatari rulers. It suppresses its poets yet claims disseminating democracy".

 According to the Syrian News Agency SANA, he pointed out that his country's decision to sever relations with Qatar was an independent sovereign decision."

Mauritania had severed it diplomatic relations with Qatar in June 2017. The Mauritanian Foreign Ministry said that the decision was made because Qatar had gone far in its policy of supporting terrorist organizations and promoting extremist ideas."

The Qatari regime has for years supported terror groups in several Arab countries, mainly Syria and Iraq. It greatly contributed to funding, arming these groups and to providing them with media support, thereby contributing to shedding the blood of innocent people. It also supported the "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist organization that committed several crimes in Egypt.

Hamda Mustafa