Russia, China Block Issuance of Unbalanced UNSC Statement on Syria's Idleb

MOSCOW, (ST)- Russia and China have blocked the issuance of an unbalanced statement by the UN Security Council that sought distorting facts about the situation in the Syrian province of Idleb and that didn't mention the terrorists' activities there.

Itar Tass news agency quoted a Russian diplomatic source as saying that Russia has prevented the adoption of the statement, clarifying that the text of the draft statement, proposed by "Kuwait, Germany and Belgium" was unbalanced and contained no mention of the terrorists who control most of Idleb.

The statement was proposed last Friday and it has been placed under the so-called "silent procedure" until the Russian and Chinese missions broke the procedure and hampered its adoption.

 The armed terrorist organizations continue their aggressions, with missiles, on a number of safe areas in Hama northern countryside and Idleb southern countryside and the attacks claimed the lives of scores of civilians, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a letter to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council.

Syria called on the Security Council and the UN Secretary General to immediately condemn the terrorist attacks that target civilians, stressing that these attacks will not affect Syria's determination to combat terrorism and restore security and stability to the Syrian people.

Hamda Mustafa