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Syria Urges UNSC Deterrent Action to Stop US-Backed SDF Militias' Repeated Attacks against Civilians

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Syria has urged the Security Council to assume its responsibilities as to put an end to the attacks of the US-backed militias calling themselves "Syria Democratic Forces" (SDF) against civilians in Deir Ezzor.

In two letters to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council dealing with the repeated massacres and violations committed by the US-backed SDF militias and the so-called international coalition led by Washington, the ministry said that "On May 9th, the SDF militia backed by US helicopters committed a massacre, claiming the lives of seven civilians from one family in Shahil town in the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor".

This massacre came following several others committed by the coalition and the US-backed militias in different parts of the southeastern area of Deir Ezzor province aiming to force the locals to surrender and abandon their legitimate rights and their calls for the return of the Syrian state's control on these areas, the ministry said.

 The SDF militias responded with violence to Syrian citizens’ demands for improving the education situation and for providing food and water to locals in the area, said the ministry, pointing out that many locals were killed and the infrastructure was destroyed in the militias' violence.

The Ministry said the actions of the SDF and their shameful alliance with Syria’s enemies prove without a doubt their criminal and terrorism nature, and that they do not express the Syrian people, stressing that the massacred committed by the SDF will only bring them disgrace and the contempt of the Syrian people.

 Syria reiterates its legitimate right to defend its citizens countrywide and reminds all who forgot that paragraph 8 of Security Council resolution no. 2254 has given Syria the right to confront attacks launched by terrorist groups and other evil entities that seek undermining the unity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Hamda Mustafa