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Government Working to Confront US Anti-Syria Measures By Enhancing Self-Reliance: Premier

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Prime Minister Imad Khamis has underscored that the government is working to confront the American anti-Syria measures by enhancing self-reliance.

He made the remarks during the first meeting of the People's Assembly's (PA) 10th regular round of the 2nd legislative term.   

Khamis briefed the PA members on the government's performance over the past period, particularly regarding the American siege, which is a battle that necessitates exceptional procedures to meet the country's needs as well as an all-out revision of all means to invest and consume resources.

He pointed out that the government is working according to special financial and technical capabilities given the heinous war imposed on Syria.

 He said that the issue of providing petroleum and energy is complicated because of the US unfair siege that has been preventing petroleum shipments from friendly countries to Syria for seven months.

Khamis added that the government has launched 266 services and development projects during the past two years, 109 of them having been completed. It has helped to rehabilitate over 75,000 private industrial facilities that had been damaged by terrorism.  

On agriculture, Khamis said that 800 thousand hectares of lands have been replanted, irrigation projects have been reactivated and agricultural products, including wheat, citrus fruits and tobacco have been supported in order to keep the government's slogan "enhancing self-reliance and stability".

Discussions during the meeting focused, among other issues, on the need to follow up the situation of services, preserve financial resources, combat corruption and increase wages.

Hamda Mustafa